Our Dogs...

We provide several well trained, Brittany dogs that love to hunt and cover quite a bit of ground. Below is a little bit about each of our dogs.

You are more than welcome to bring your dog(s) on any hunt with us, as long as the dogs are well trained and you are able to keep them close. In the event that dogs are not cooperating, it will be required that they be left behind.

Of course not all dogs turn out to be good hunters, but we pick out the best we have and hunt them into excellent hunters that stay close and don't miss many birds. Hunters marvel at our dogs and how they make the hunt so much more enjoyable, not to mention all the work they do do for us. We are proud of our dogs.


Odi Breed: Brittany

Odi is male Brittany with us since he was about three. Great Dog.


Buster Breed: Brittany

Buster is pure bred with us as a pup. A very aggressive retriever.


Breed: Brittany/Lab Mix

Rexie has been hunting since 2011 and was a very fast learner. She pointed and retrieved the very first day we hunted her.


Breed: Brittany/Lab Mix

Copper was born late in 2012 and started a little slow as far as hunting goes but came on strong in her second hunting season. She is now Wes' best retriever. We had her bred and had six puppies as a two year old. We hope to have many years with Copper and some of her pups.


Breed: Brittany/Lab

Otis was a new puppy in 2015 and is a fast learner and obedient. He is very affectionate and great with kids and hunters.


Breed: Brittany/Lab

Born in 2015 and appears to be my only true water dog. Has a lot of energy and just loves to please. I think she'll turn out to be a fine hunter.


Future Hunters...